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Whistle-Blowing is known by a number of descriptive terms such as hotline reporting, blow-the whistle, ombudsman reporting, employee dialogue, etc., but the principle purpose of whistle-blowing is universally the same, and as such, in general, terms could be described as:

“The exposure or disclosure of mismanagement, maladministration, corruption, non-compliance, or any other form of misconduct perpetrated by an organization (public or private sector) or any of its employees either on behalf of the organization or in their personal capacity, to a figure of authority appointed or prescribed through policy to receive or deal with such reports.

Empower yourself and others by living your values, Show commitment and loyalty through prudent disclosure, reporting and communication in an environment that is free from retaliation, influence, and/or harassment. 


All reporting via our e-mail, and other reporting platforms are dealt with in a confidential manner by independent investigative consultants employed by FFRS. 

Your confidentiality will be protected as prescribed by the laws of South Africa, including but not limited to: The King IV report on Corporate Governance, The Protected Disclosures Act, 26 of 2000, Protection of Personal Information Act, Act 4 of 2013, and the Companies Act, 71, of 2008.

When completing your incident report you will be requested to provide an e-mail address and full names. These are compulsory fields, yet in the event that you may want to remain anonymous, you may complete these two fields by noting the words "Anonymous" in both the e-mail and full name sections.

Note that you will not be able to follow-up on progress and will receive no feedback and assessors will not be able to contact you to follow-up or obtain additional information in the event that you select the anonymous option in both these sections. All incident reporting should be made with due consideration to the limitations and/or benefits associated with disclosed identity and/or anonymous reporting.


  • Description

  • Anonymous - undisclosed identity reporting

  • Benefit

  • Anonymous reporting provides assurances to the reporter that his identity will not be disclosed to management and/or the implicated person.

  • May convince more whistle-blowers to report incidents without the fear of retaliation.

  • Limitation

  • Feedback to the whistle-blower is limited or impossible.
  • Follow-up on outstanding or missing information is limited or impossible.

  • It is not possible to safeguard the reporter against potential retaliation.
  • Increases the risk of malicious reporting.
  • May increase the risk of conflicting interests impacting on the successful investigation of the incident.

Disclosed identity

  • Description

  • Disclosed identity reporting

  • Benefit

  • Identity may still be withheld from the employer and/or the implicated person. 

  • Anonymity can be managed

  • Reduces the risk of malicious reporting

  • Easier to follow-up and obtain clarifications regarding the reported incident.
  • Easier to provide feedback.

  • Possible to safeguard the reporting person against retaliation and harassment.

  • Provides assurances with regards to transparency and accuracy or reporting. 

  • Limitation

  • Creates some reluctance with employees to report.

  • May result in missed opportunities resulting from fear of retaliation.

  • May increase the risk and fear of retaliation.

Authorised disclosure

A disclosure would qualify as an authorized and protected disclosure in the event that such a disclosure of improper actions are made in accordance with the organization’s prescribed policies and/or processes, and/or in the event that such disclosures are made under guidance provided by legislation. 

Unauthorised disclosure

A disclosure may be considered as an unauthorized disclosure when the reporting of sensitive or confidential information is done in a manner that is contrary to organizational policy, procedure, or legislative guidelines, e.g. via incorrect channels, employees, departments, or other third parties who are not authorized to receive such sensitive, or confidential information.


In collaboration with employers and employees, we provide assurances through the Code of Conduct and Whistle-Blowing procedures that whistle-blowers would not be subjected to occupational detriment, retribution, and/or retaliation as a result of authorized and legitimate disclosures made in good faith. Allegations to the contrary shall be investigated and reported. 

Promote whistle-blowing

  • Create an environment where reporting would make a significant change to the compliance and ethics culture of the organization.

  • Make it acceptable for people to disclose any information regarding unlawful or irregular activities taking place.
  • Provide protection: giving whistle-blowers confidence to come forward without the fear of being retaliated against resulting from an authorized disclosure.
  • Prevent malicious reporting aimed at causing undue reputational harm or prejudice to others, and also confirm that in such cases, the appropriate consequence will be applied against those who are found guilty of such a misconduct.

What can I report

There are no limitations to what you can report. Our speak-up facility is available to you, to report incidents or issues of any nature within any environment. Some examples of reporting areas as follows: 

  • Non-Compliance with legislation and regulation

  • Criminal behaviour

  • Workplace misconduct

  • Environmental hazards / non-compliance

  • Gender based violence

  • Workplace favouritism / nepotism

  • Unethical and immoral practices

  • Harassment and sexual harassment
  • Discrimination

  • Workplace drug and alcohol abuse

  • Health and safety breach

  • Corrupt activities

Where can I report

  • e-mail: speakup@ffrs.co.za

  • Tel. No. +27 66 271 3088

  • Tel. No. +27 71 850 7431

  • tel. No.: +27 10 595 9812
  • WhatsApp: +27 71 850 7431 or +27 66 271 3088
  • SMS call back to: 027 71 850 7431 or +27 66 271 3088
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We promote safe non-retaliatory reporting practices whether through anonymous or disclosed identity reporting!!