We offer online self-paced, virtual, and on-site ethics compliance awareness education aimed at creating awareness, understanding and a deeper knowledge with regards to the effective identification, detection, prevention, and response to ethics matters, misconduct and/or non-compliance. Awareness education is of the utmost importance in the fight against fraud, corruption, and unethical conduct, and also shows commitment to ethics-compliance by senior management in supporting the compliance tone at the top.


Awareness sessions, workshops, ethics-compliance surveys, and employee engagements are focused on enhancing skills and understanding associated with ethical behaviours on all levels. We offer customized workshops, group, and one-on-one sessions including survey exercises, as well as online awareness modules tailored to your organization's ethics-compliance needs, policies, and procedures.


We also offer generic ethics-compliance related material based on real-world experiences and applied practices across multiple business processes and industries. Training material is presented as generic or may be prepared as industry or client-specific educational modules.


Book us now to arrange on-line self-paced awareness education, awareness session, a talk, or ethics event as part of your team-building, strategic sessions, or any other company function.




On-line self paced

We offer our awareness education in generic, self-paced on-line format to allow employees to attend and complete their annual ethics-compliance training in their own time and at their own pace. The benefit of online awareness education is that employees are able to complete the training at their own leisure, but still within a limited timeframe without losing critical office time. Training can be planned by the employee to fit his/her own schedule. 


We prefer to prepare on-line self-paced modules by combining our generic material with your own in-house policies, procedures and practices, to make the on-line experience as relevant as possible. If this is not what you need, we can offer our pre-developed online awareness material. 


Virtual awareness

In adapting to the latest social distancing requirements, the fast paced business environment, reduced office space and the high cost of venue hire, we have engaged in virtual awareness education programs, making it easier for employees at all levels of seniority to attend awareness education sessions remotely from the comfort of their homes, home offices, business office, lounge, hotel room, air-plane or anywhere else where internet connectivity is available. 


Our software and the preferred communication platforms are accessible in most countries and regions across the globe, and everyone can download their remote dial-in access at no additional software cost.  We apply ZOOM and online-voting technology to promote live interaction and audience response.


See our section on audience response for more information. We offer all our awareness programs through these innovative platforms. 


We offer on, or off-site face to face awareness education. In this regard we offer all our programs in generic format unless required by our clients to adapt the material to also include company specific reference to relevant policies, procedures and/or practices.  

We can also attend at your preferred location, or arrange a suitable venue based on the requirements.

Audience Response

We apply anonymous or identified participant voting technology in creating a responsive and interactive awareness education environment. We also measure and assess potential fraud and/or other compliance risks during our interactions with employees where required by the client. This interactive process is applied during group sessions such as our virtual education sessions, workshops, group ethics-compliance discussions, skip level interaction, or during general or informal staff talks.


Some departments and/or companies do have periodical staff sessions, such as coffee talks, town-hall sessions, or just manager/supervisor talks/training sessions. We can attend and share ethics related presentations during these talks, i.e. presentations on corruption, ethics, harassment, bullying, nepotism, fraud, etc. 


During these sessions we are able to facilitate interaction with delegates aimed at identifying staff experiences and/or perceptions regarding the chosen topics, or in general. See below some screen prints of material, questions, and the respective reporting methodology applied. 


These sessions are very informative and may provide guidance as to the ethics/compliance perception/status of your organisation, and may further contribute to your fraud risk management program. In addition, feedback on ethics and compliance topics covered during these sessions may provide valuable input regarding staff perceptions, morale, and happy levels. The information and outcomes gathered may also be used in reporting on certain ethics and compliance aspects during annual audits and/or fraud risk assessments. 

Non-training application

We will also provide the same voting service for non-training related sessions or meetings, such as voting during board meetings, selection of school boards, general question and answer sessions, fraud and/or business risk assessments, fraud risk or compliance maturity and/or effectiveness assessments, etc. We can assist in providing access to digital voting during most events.