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Fraud Risk Management


We enhance, develop, implement, and communicate prevention and awareness programs in mitigation of risks associated with unethical or immoral behaviours and practices.

The early and timely identification and detection of fraud, corrupt activities, suspicious transacting, behaviors, and potential “red flags” within the business environment.
An effective fraud response plan  instills a culture of zero tolerance towards fraud, corrupt activities and other acts of misconduct within the organization. 
Empower employees to live their values through prudent reporting  in an environment that is free from retaliation, undue influence and/or harassment.

Welcome to FFRS

As a Fraud Risk Management (“FRM”) services provider we offer a preventative, detective, response, and monitoring approach to our engagements, aimed at mitigating the exposure to financial and/or reputational prejudice.

Our ethical pro-active, detective and re-active wellness methodology framed within our Fraud Risk Management and investigative approach is aimed at supporting the employer and the employee on an equal, fair and unbias basis, providing both with our objective approach towards ethics-compliance, incident reports, personal and/or organizational wellness.

Organisational and employee ethical wellness creates a happy, compliant workplace which in turn fosters loyalty, commitment, and determination to succeed.

ethics advice
We are not legal practitioners, but you may contact us for ethics-compliance advice and guidance. 
Contact us directly or through the blow-the-whistle program. 
We offer counselling services through our Thinkology partner. Talk to our registered Psychotherapist, business and life coach any time you need. 
disciplinary support

Whether you are an employee or employer, we may be able to assist you in responding to, or in preparing for a matter to be disciplined or to defend. 

Our experienced, and dedicated team of investigators are geared and willing to travel the globe in order to perform investigations on-site or remotely. 

Our Practice Areas

fraud risk management
The end-to-end implementation of a fraud risk mitigation program is intended to address actual, potential, and/or perceived fraud risks throughout an organization. 
fraud risk assessments
Fraud risk assessments contribute to the identification, assessment and testing of fraud risk related controls aimed at identifying actual, potential and/or perceived fraud risks within the organisation.
awareness education

We offer online self-paced, virtual and on-site ethics compliance awareness education, creating awareness, understanding and knowledge  of misconduct and non-compliance. More...

static data analytics
Data-analytics are performed to identify current and historic events and transactions that may be indicative, or considered, as prejudicial to the financial and reputational status of an organisation. 
risk-based surveys
Through meticulously planned and executed survey content, we identify concerns raised internally and externally with regards to ethics, compliance, and fraud risk related non-compliance and reputation.
due diligence
We need to know who we engage in business or employ: Our business partners and employees can be our greatest allies or our greatest risk. Do not engage in business with at-risk partners.

Our Latest News

importance of ethics awareness
In today's fast paced world, business environments, practices and processes are often exposed to fraud risk, corrupt activities, unethical behaviours and other forms of non-compliance. As such you need to raise the level of awareness, knowledge and responsiveness within your organisation in order to effectively prevent, detect and respond to inappropriate and unethical conduct
continuing professional development (CPD - Hours)

We secured continued professional development hours for several of our awareness training modules. Contact us for more information, and training at your organisation. 

These sessions are presented in virtual, face-to-face and where available, online modules. 

sexual harassment?
We are soon launching a Sexual harassment - support, prevention and response program. Watch this space.